Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yay!!! I got a new toy!!!

Yesterday, I finally broke down and picked up an MP3 player. I went with the 30G Microsoft Zune. I had a couple Best Buy gift cards laying around and one of those wonderful discount coupons they send to their Reward Zone members. I couldn't decide between the Zune and the 30G IPod. The Zune has the FM transmitter, the ability to send songs, pics, and videoes wirelessly to other Zunes (anyone out there with a Zune want to see a picture of my dog or perhaps my wife posing with the Chick-Fil-A Cow???) and a bigger screen which were huge perks but the IPod was much lighter and had way more attachments and toys, also huge perks. The kicker came in when the sales guy told me that I couldn't use my 12% off coupon on the IPod (thanks, Apple) but I could use it on the Zune (which was already on sale this week for $229...$20 less than the IPod). So, all in all, I was able to get the 30G Zune for $50 less than the 30G IPod. Can you say no brainer???

I spent all day yesterday adding music and pictures to it. The thing is super easy to use. It takes approximately three minutes to rip a full length CD to the Zune software and upload it to the Zune, about two minutes faster than an IPod. And WOW!!! Does that thing have great sound!?!?!? I never imagined getting such great surround sound quality from two little earbuds! I may have to splurge and get a real nice pair of Bose headphones to go with it. That would have to be the closest thing to hearing it in person!

I'm just so happy that I get to look like the rest of you cool cats at the table. I really think that this is going to help improve my game in the sense that it will be a diversion. I've noticed that the last few times I've played I've gotten rather impatient. I've really loosened up my starting hand requirement and I've become almost maniacal when it comes to protecting my BB. I am definitely going to put a few smooth jazz CD's on it and label in the "Anti-Tilt Playlist" to calm me down any time I start feeling the need to play pot after pot.


Shelly said...

It can definitely be a great anti-tilt device. Also helps alleviate boredom when you're stuck in a phase of fold-fold-fold. Plus, the Indiana boats allow them at the table (at least Resorts and MSII do), so when you're stuck at the table with some annoying jerk... in go the ear buds. Though I usually need to listen to metal or punk at the table - I more often need to be more aggressive than to chill out :) Except when Shellmuth comes out to play...

Kenneth said...

I'm as attached to my iPod as anyone, but I've never used mine at the table and don't plan on it. It's more fun to me to talk to the people I'm sitting there with.

That said, I have no problem when people use iPods in casinos - your opponents there are random strangers you'll likely never see again. Implicit in the casino atmosphere is that you're there to play cards first and foremost, so it doesn't matter that you don't make friends with the people around you.

I do have a problem if people use iPods at home games, though. Part of the fun of having the home game is the social aspect of it. When you cut yourself off from the conversation with earbuds it's almost a subtle statement to everyone else at the table that you're more intersted in the game than taking the time to get to know the people you're playing with. That might be a big turnoff to someone who plays more for fun than money.